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Neighbourhood plans are a brand new tool given to local communities by the Localism Act 2009 to set for themselves a future development of the parish to meets the aims and expectations of those who live and work here. It’s important because it is your plan setting out your hopes and aspirations for the future of Flore within the national and district planning framework.

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Flore neighbourhood plan

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Flore Neighbourhood Plan

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Flore has a neighbourhood plan which was formally approved on the 30th September 2016.  It covers the whole of the parish and is in force for the period 2014-2029.

Neighbourhood planning was introduced by Government through the 2011 Localism Act as a tool to give local communities a greater say in the future development of their communities.  Flore seized that opportunity and embarked on the development of its own Neighbourhood Plan.  There was a clear statutory process that we followed with a strong commitment for clear consultation and engagement with residents, businesses and others.  The contents of the Flore Plan was ultimately tested by an independent examiner and approved by the local planning authority to proceed to the next stage – a referendum of all those registered to vote in the neighbourhood plan area where it as approved by a clear majority of residents as ‘our’ Plan.


So why is it important and what do I need to know?

The Flore Plan sets out the various planning policies against which any new built development in the parish must follow.  It sets out the areas in which new built development will be encouraged; it provides guidance on the design of new buildings or extensions or the re-use of redundant buildings; it provides details of key views into and out of the village that we wish to see protected; and a lot more besides.

The Plan is important in that it is a key document that Daventry District Council, as the local planning authority, will use when determining all planning applications submitted to it from within the Parish.  It is also the document that the Parish Council will use as the basis for providing comments to the local planning authority on applications where it is consulted on.



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