As a parish council we are required by law to publish a notice of the period for the exercise of electors rights. You will find this below, published on the 10th June, 2021.


Also included below is the 2020-2021 Annual Governance Statement and Report, Sections 1 and 2 in relation the unaudited accounts. 

2021-2022 Budget & Precept (agreed by FPC Nov 2020)

Year 2021-2022 NCALC Audit and Report (will be available in 2022)

Year 2020-2021 Annual Governance & Accounting Statements

Year 2020-2021 Notice of Electors Rights (published 10/06/2021)

2020-2021 Budget & Precept

Year 2020-2021 Annual Internal Audit Report and NCALC Report

2019-2020 Budget & Precept

Year 2019-2020 NCALC Audit and Report

2018-2019 Budget & Precept

Year 2018-2019 NCALC Audit and Report

2017-2018 Budget & Precept

Year 2017-2018 NCALC Audit and Report

2016-2017 Budget & Precept

Year 2016-2017 NCALC Audit and Report

2015-2016 Budget & Precept

Year 2015-2016 NCALC Audit and Report