A small group of villagers and Parish Councillors have been working with the highway design teams at West Northants Council to develop the various options for traffic calming which emerged from the public consultation exercise a couple of years ago.

Whilst we have always been keen to develop these further, the constraining factor was (and is) money. The lack of budget stalled progress for some time, but one of the last acts of the former Daventry District Council was to release moneys held by them from the Bovis housing scheme which totalled approximately £150,000.

This money is specifically ring fenced for highway improvements in Flore.  It cannot be spent for any other purpose and the release of this money enabled the concept designs to be developed further and will ultimately lead to the works being undertaken.

The documents on this page comprise the detailed design works by WNC for each of the proposals suggested by the villagers as part of the consultation together with initial costings. Also included is the Parish Council’s formal response.

The Parish Council is delighted that all of our suggestions and recommendations have been taken on board, including the design of a third chicane on Flore Hill.  All of the chicane designs are at the stage where a ‘safety audit’ can be undertaken which is an independent review by a suitably qualified highways designer.  These resources are scarce which is why there has been a slight delay in undertaking this activity. However parallel discussions have already taken place with contractors prior to the tender process being undertaken.

There is also a provisional date of January 2022 for the works to be undertaken – which is very good news – however we need to ensure that the construction of the chicanes does not conflict with planned Anglia Water works on Flore Hill.

Cllr Tom Higginson - Lead - High Street Conversion Group.

Traffic Calming Measures

Covering email from WNC to Flore PC

Dated 21st June, 2021

Response Letter from Flore PC to WNC

Dated 5th July, 2021

Traffic Calming - Overall Proposals Plan

(all options shown except Flore Hill Chicane)

Proposed Chicane near Bliss Lane Junction

(Likely to Proceed)

Proposed Chicane Near Spring Lane Junction

(Likely to Proceed)

Parking area in Front of Village Shop

(May  proceed depending on funding/cost)

Infill of Bus Layby Near White Hart Pub

(Less likely to proceed)

Infill of Bus Layby Near King's Lane Junction

(Less likely to proceed)

Proposed Chicane Signs - Details

Both Directions