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Flore Traffic Calming update – 20th 

July 2023


The construction of the traffic calming chicanes has now been completed.


On the 17th February Northamptonshire Highways commenced consultation on the three proposed chicanes aimed at reducing the speed of traffic along the High Street.  There are at locations close to Bliss Lane (location 1), Spring Lane (location 5) and on the Flore Hill bends (location 6).


The plans, together with the consultation notification are appended to this update.


There was an error on the original plans which caused some confusion however the plans have been amended and will be reissued to all those consulted (affected residents, local farms and other statutory bodies) in week commencing 22nd February.  For avoidance of any doubt the plans available for download below are the correct plans.


The consultation period ends on Friday 25h February and Northamptonshire Highways envisage that the review of all responses will be undertaken in the first week of March. 


The original proposed construction date of February 2022 has clearly slipped and the proposed construction date for this scheme has now changed to the 9th of May.  Whilst this may be disappointing to some the period between the end of the consultation and 9th May does enable the highway design team to respond to consultation responses and the need for further modifications.


Cllr Tom Higginson - Lead, High Street Conversion Group

Traffic Calming Measures

Consultation Letter from Northants Highways - 18th February, 2022

Proposed Chicane near Bliss Lane Junction

(Location 1)

Proposed Chicane Near Spring Lane Junction

(Location 5)

Proposed Chicane on Flore Hill between flore bends (Location 6)

Proposed Chicane Signs - Details

Both Directions

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