Postcard of Flore High Street

Mrs Green's shop on the right

Unveiling of the War Memorial by Earl Spencer 1923

Cyclists outside the Chequers Inn at corner of Sutton St and The Green   1902

High Street

Sutton St - date unknown

Flore Flower Festival celebration envelope 1883

The smithy of WH Green, at the back of Montague Villa (now 60 High St) before 1919 when the business moved to the present garage site of PG Green.

Sutton Steet including the original Rose Cottage  1975 

Blacksmiths at Phillips Wheelwrights 1953

62 and 64 Sutton St  1975

Cottages, now demolished at WorkhouseYard,

Kings Lane Circa 1900


Daniel Robinson -1828-1909  Parish Clerk,

rope-maker, poet and village historian at the priest's door.        Circa 1900. 

Boys School

The Old Manor, 35 The Avenue - built as the Tithe House

Spring Lane and Sutton St 1979

Flore Mill 2012

The River Nene breakits banks  

 Flore Enclosure Award Map 1779

Floore 1895 - see more of this map on the Village Design Statement

Flore 1926

Flower (Flore) date unknown

Flore 1967

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