Dissolution of the Flore - Crégy Twinning

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Nigel Strang - Secretary

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Christine Pinchen - Chairwoman


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The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a major impact on the Crégy side of the Group.

As a consequence a decision was made earlier this year, 2022, to dissolve their side of the Twinning Association. This was communicated with sadness to us by Alain Le Foll the Chairman.
Fortunately relationships survive and British members of the Association continue to maintain lasting friendships.

This now leaves the the Flore side of the Group with a challenge.

Who will we Twin with in the future?  It was decided to have a meeting in September of this year, 2022 and present alternatives to replace the relationship between Flore and Crégy.

If anyone in Flore, members of the present Twinning Association or other interested residents, wishes to make realistic proposals please send them to the Secretary, Nigel Strang :
+44 (0)7887 985845