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Due to the COVID -19 restrictions the Visit to Crégy 28th-31st May, 2020 (described below) has been postponed until the same Bank Holiday Weekend next year (2021). 


The Twinning Committee will be organising a social event later this year once COVID -19 restrictions are relaxed.



Stay with a French family in the small town of Crégy Lès Meaux, just east of Paris and enjoy experiencing something of their lifestyle. The trip includes a day out with our own coach, (you can be dropped off at Euro Disney if you want to) a day out with your hosts and a Supper Dance arranged by the French people.

Can’t speak any French? Many of the people who travel with us speak little or no French - you can easily be matched up with a family where someone speaks English.


Young  family? Children are  welcomed by French families and by our party.


Is it good for children?  You may know that even children in Primary Schools have the opportunity to learn a foreign language. This trip presents a wonderful chance for youngsters to experience the French way of life and language for themselves


Transport? You board the coach at Flore Playing Field and go via the Shuttle/boat to Crégy.  No transfers or Feeder Coaches.


How much will it cost? Only £120 for adults and £60 for children for a 3 night, 4 day weekend in France. Your French hosts will provide for most things but you need to budget for snacks/entertainment on the Friday excursion and a small gift of something typically English for your hosts. You can take food/drink for the outward journey and our hosts provide it for the return journey.


Do we have to host next year?  No, you would not have to, although the future success of the Twinning does depend on people in both Flore and Crégy being prepared to host.  You would be asked at the start of 2021 if you could host that year and naturally your response will reflect your own circumstances and accommodation.  We have found that most people who have visited Crégy wish to host in return.


I’m not used to foreign food: Contrary to popular myth the French do not exist on snails and frogs legs.  Generally nowadays they eat much like us and even if you don’t like everything offered there is no danger of starvation!  For the adventurous there is usually the chance to try some unusual cheese, bread, paté or wine that we might not experience at home.

The Itinerary

Thursday:  Our coach (with toilet and air-conditioning) departs early morning from the Playing Field in Flore and after various stops en-route we arrive early evening to be met by our French hosts and taken to their homes.

Friday:  We leave our hosts for the day and visit somewhere (often Paris) in our coach, taking people to Euro-Disney on the way if required. Once in Paris, you can explore on your own or in a group. In the evening we are all (including the children) invited to a Supper/Dance in a local hall.

Saturday: Spent with the host family, who will usually want to show you something of their area.  Several French host families often arrange a get together in the evening to enjoy a meal with their English visitors.

Sunday: We leave Crégy in the morning and after making stops en-route arrive back in Flore during the evening.

For more information contact Nigel Strang on 01327 340403

If you then want to book your place(s) you will be asked to complete a simple form for return to Nigel and send your non refundable deposit of £30 pp Account 36168602 56-00-60


Twinning members.  People who have taken part in the Twinning in recent years will be sent a form in the new year.  Please contact Nigel Strang if you have not received your form by January 25th.

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