What does Flore Parish Council do?

Parish councils like Flore are responsible for delivering local services.  In Flore we have up to ten parish councillors at any one time. This year we are looking for four new councillors. Flore Parish Council has a budget annually of around £35,000, and this is spent by the council to provide a variety of facilities for the village, including -

  • Street lighting and maintenance.

  • Bins, benches and other street "furniture".

  • Mowing of grass and verges in the village.

  • Bus shelters.

  • Control and scrutiny of planning applications and development.

  • Help with parks and open spaces like the Brodie Lodge Playing Field.

  • Volunteer-run library facilities.

  • Festivals and celebrations, local and national.

  • Community safety schemes.


Flore Parish Council also works with other councils to ensure effective delivery of services to the community.


What do Parish Councillors do?

 Parish councillors make decisions about policies and services, keep an eye on how well things are working and represent local residents.


How do I become a Parish Councillor?

If you would like to stand for election to Flore Parish Council at the next opportunity, which will be on 6th May 2021, all you have to do is to contact the parish council directly (via Mrs Sue Halkett, the Parish Clerk - florepc@btinternet.com). Normally you can also make contact with the returning officer Daventry District Council, but at present the structure of district and county councils is "up in the air" because of Northamptonshire Council changes which are iminent, so contact via Flore Parish Council would be best at present.


What's in it for me and my community?

You should consider becoming a parish or town councillor if you want to do something positive for your community and if you want to spend time you have to spare productively. 

What about becoming a councillor?

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